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One of the most colourful churches in London

Seven languages are used to communicate during the services and four languages are the official ones for the services to be led on weekly basis. During the online services in 2020 there were times when people from four continents were joining the Zoom meetings. 

This church has the vision of family and community type of fellowship and takes care for all its members on daily basis. Our goal is to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation and peace in these trouble times and to lift up the Bible as the guideline and the way maker for our lives. 



Hiring the Church and the Church Hall

We work during all the year to keep the maintenance on the highest possible level. 

According to independent observers and event managers we offer probably one of the best balances of price and convenient  facilities in Newham. 

Please contact the Vicar if you need to hire.

mobile: 07460125933




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